Daytona Solutions


With ATON HR system we make waste disappear. We have tested and succeeded with disintegration almost 100 types of
waste. The technology solves the hazardous material problem and allows us to produce free energy and heat. Our machinery
deals with substances which none of widely known technology treats properly. This system exceeds all international emission
standards. ATON technology is sensitive to the environment, the future of planet Earth and our place on it.


ATON MOS was created to neutralise harmful gas pollution and odours. The technology is easy to implement and requires
limited pre-installation work. It may also serve as the equipment of other existing installations that emit pollution. ATON MOS
cleans the noxious gases from any production plant. Used, among others, in the chemical, food, recycling, mining and
petrochemical industries. This device effectively protects the natural environment.


• Transforming waste into energy
• Zero emission
• Waste disposal at the place of occurrence
• Modular Concept – simple to operate
• Working prototype available


• Waste gas reduction up to 99%
• Effective removal of arduous odours and toxic gases
• 20ft container size – flexible
• Simple in construction
• Successfully implemented in 3 production plants

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