Med Systems

The product in now being tested in Australia. If you are intersted in cooparation with MED SYSTEMS  contact us.


The world's first fully digital, wireless CTG with CE certification for telemedical monitoring of pregnant women integrated with the Obstetric Surveillance Systems.

Until now, a thorough examination of the unborn child's condition was available only in gynecological clinics and selected surgeries. Portable devices present on the market were not sufficiently precise or technologically advanced to fully follow the most important vital functions (they were not based on the analysis of ultrasound signals which are THE ONLY STANDARD in cardiotocography). The vast majority are gadgets, not medical devices of the highest quality.
Creation of the KTG Sigmafon System is a response to the requests of the medical
community as well as the patients themselves to create a mobile KTG device, which is not inferior to the best clinical devices.

The CTG Sigmafon system is a revolution in obstetrics.

It is wireless, the size of a telephone, has accuracy comparable to stationary CTG and using the smartphone, transfers the collected data to the Med Systems Obstetrics Monitoring Center (where the CTG examination entry is interpreted online by a computer obstetric supervision system and authorized by experienced O M C medical personnel.
The patient and doctor providing prenatal care receive an interpreted and authorized result, even within a few minutes from the end of recording.
Professional home CTG digital revolution in obstetrics!

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