We are a production company inviting our customers to the world of our modern and unique materials designed for the furniture market, we are a symbol of innovation and unusual range of furniture materials - furniture boards.

Quality from the core to the surface

We shaped our firm for the most challenging projects in our search for unconventional and unique solutions. 

Our products we provide the market with are just like the reality surrounding us - not in a black & white and flat version, as some would wish, but diverse and multidimensional. They have been designed with perfection in each dimension and excellence from the core up to the surface.

Discover, touch and feel the difference. Let your senses seduce you. Design is for everybody!

In fact, whether we feel comfortable or not in some interiors, it’s mostly because of details surrounding us. We are able to perceive them, as details really matter for us.

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+61 296 920 820

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